24 January 2018

This is the inaugural post in an ongoing blog designed to keep the Australian internet community informed about the progress of the technical upgrade portion of the .au Registry Transformation Project.

As announced by auDA in December, the .au registry will be managed by Afilias Australia Pty Ltd. beginning July 1, 2018.  Afilias will take over from Neustar, which is owned by private equity firm Golden Gate Capital.  auDA made this selection after conducting one of the most professional, objective and thorough registry tender processes ever conducted.

Who is Afilias?  Afilias is a leader in advanced registry technology around the world.  Afilias is the registry operator for over 25 top level domains such as .info, .mobi and .pro, and provides technology to support country code domains such as .in (India) and .me (Montenegro).

The Australian internet community can look forward to this sampling of enhancements:

Less spam, less phishing, etc:

Afilias will check every newly registered name for abuse potential using our global experience stopping internet criminals; any suspicious names will be addressed immediately.

Faster website loading:

Afilias is already installing new servers all over Australia to make sure Australians get the fastest possible loading of content on any .au addresses they access.  We’re also building in better security, so that .au names will ALWAYS be up and running.

World Class service for registrars:

Afilias’ service center in Melbourne will be coupled with Afilias’ global organization to deliver 24x7 service to registrars, so no registrar will need to wait “til tomorrow” to resolve a problem for a registrant or get the answer to a question. Our experienced team will be available day and night, 7 days a week and including holidays.

Security for critical Australian infrastructure:

Afilias will be working with auDA and infrastructure security officials with the Australian Government to ensure that .au is protected from all threats foreign and domestic.

Follow us to get all the latest news on these advantages for Australian internet users.

Have a question or want to suggest a topic for us to cover?  Please email us at transformationblog@afilias.com.au.