Afilias Hosts .au Registrars for Transition Update Meeting

This AUsome! blog addresses the technical portion of the .au Registry Transformation Project. In today’s post, we recount our recent joint meeting with .au registrars and auDA.

In March, Afilias opened its newest office in central Melbourne.  Like all new homeowners, Afilias has been busy preparing our beautiful new space for visitors.  Last Thursday, key members of our team gathered to welcome our first guests.


This meeting enabled both auDA and Afilias to share detailed updates regarding how we have been keeping the historic transition on schedule for 30JUN.  About 25 registrar representatives attended, and another 20 joined by phone.

A number of exciting enhancements were introduced last Thursday.

First, auDA unveiled its new co-marketing program, which provides funding designed to stimulate registrar ideas for building the .au franchise.  While the ideas will eventually come from registrars, examples range from special training and staff development enabling better customer service, to trade show support for introducing .au to new audiences of Australians, to “bundle discounts” that encourage customers to get a full suite of services with their .au domain name (e.g. email, web site, security, etc).  Greater efficiency at auDA is helping fund this program, and both registrars and registrants are the beneficiaries. The program goes into effect on 01JUL2018.

Second, Afilias took the stage to address a number of technical items such as WHOIS services, data centres, contracts with registrars, OT&E, technical staffing, pricing, and a special discount program in July.

Finally, the issue of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was addressed.

Registrars embraced the co-op program as a dramatic and welcome departure from past practices.  They were further pleased with the technical progress, and seemed quite comfortable with the pace and amount of change taking place.  Rod Keys, Director of DDNS, remarked: “We are excited about the upgrades and are fully prepared for the transition in June.  These new marketing programs from auDA are terrific and will really help us ensure .au names are the first choice for Australian registrants.”

Following the meeting, refreshments were served.  Here are a few photos of attendees discussing the issues of the day:


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