03 June 2018

This AUsome! blog addresses the technical portion of the .au Registry Transformation Project. In today’s post, we are pleased to say everything is on schedule for the transition at the end of this month.

Since auDA’s announcement in December about the appointment of Afilias as the new registry operator for .au, both parties have been focused on planning and implementing a smooth, secure and stable transition of all names in the .au top level domain from the legacy system to Afilias’ modern registry and DNS system.

While end users of .au names—such as website owners, site visitors and email users—won’t notice any changes, .au domain name registrars have been busy working with Afilias to prepare their systems for the upgrades and efficiencies that go live on July 1.

One key tool is the availability of a test system for registrars.  The test system allows registrars to check their operational commands to the registry to make sure the behavior they see is the behavior they expect.  For example, if a registrar needs to update the IP address of a customer’s website, they need to confirm that the commands they are using will successfully make the change.  If the command fails in the test system, no damage is done; they just update their code and re-test.  Registrars have been encouraged to test everything just to be sure there will be no surprises on July 1 when the new system becomes authoritative.

Afilias opened its first test system in March, which included all the basic operations registrars need to do.  In mid May, we upgraded the test system to include all of the operating parameters, and began scheduling official “OT&E” (Operational Testing and Evaluation) tests with registrars.  The final test system was opened last week, and included the latest in security. While the OT&E test is optional, Afilias is encouraging all registrars to undergo this technical procedure.  Registrars have been signing up and successfully completing it, thereby further reducing the chance of any problems after the transition.

In addition, extensive and detailed discussions have been held with various government agencies responsible for cyber security. Following these discussions, auDA has issued to Afilias the official “Interim Transition Completion Notice,” a key milestone which paves the way for an on-time transition at the end of this month.

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