23 March 2020
Person writing in notepad with laptop and cup of coffee nearby

Today’s blog post focuses on best practices to follow while working from home including the need to remain productive, keep connected and focus on health.

We currently find ourselves in a challenging situation, with many organisations asking employees to work from home. Last week’s blog post reflected on Afilias’ decision to commence ‘Work From Home’ status for a number of offices around the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and while staff have remained connected via group chat, it is much different than sharing an open plan office each day.

Remain productive

A good way to keep on top of tasks when working from home is by scheduling time to get things done. This article from CNET shares additional ideas on maintaining productivity including:

  • avoiding setting up a workspace where you may be tempted or distracted
  • setting boundaries with other people at home; and 
  • taking breaks throughout the day. 

Keep connected

Regular virtual meetings provide the opportunity for shared updates, whether personal or professional. Employees have the chance to discuss challenges and raise points of concern, keeping the workplace social and collaborative, which as explained in this article by Mumbrella is ever important in avoiding feeling overwhelmed and alone. 

Focus on health

A critical aspect to consider when working from home is our physical and mental health. This article from ABC suggests having at least one face to face conversation each day (even over the phone or online), explains the importance in scheduling time for ourselves, reminds us not to stay in our pyjamas all day and to set boundaries. Fresh air and vitamin D are also important, so make sure you take a break and step outside from time to time, while ensuring you adhere to the latest social distancing measures in place in your region.

If you’re finding isolation difficult, find out if your workplace has an employee assistance helpline you can reach out to for support. A list of free services is available at healthdirect.gov.au.

As the world adjusts to life in the midst of a pandemic and many of us find ourselves working from home, these best practices act as a guide to ensure productivity is not lost, connectivity is maintained and health is front of mind in reducing potential exposure to COVID-19.

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