30 March 2021
Person on laptop, bright lights in background

Today’s blog post discusses 3 business changes as a result of the pandemic that have been predicted to be of a permanent nature, with reference to a recent article from Search Engine Journal. 

Businesses moving online

To begin, the article acknowledges the rapid response to changes in consumer habits, from searching before shopping to doing the groceries online to finding alternative solutions (such as online learning), and acknowledges that as a result businesses have adapted their models. This shift meant a significant uplift in businesses moving online, and for Australia an increase in .au domain name registrations, which were up in Q4 2020 by 23% compared to December 2019.

Another example of the rise in digitisation is given in this recent media release from the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman. Here Bruce Billson discusses improved internet across regional businesses within Australia, revealing that “The reality is that digitisation is now crucial to being truly competitive.”

A new approach to flexibility

The team at SEJ indicates that with working from home, came a change in both employee and employer expectations. This concept is further explored in this article from BBC, who suggest that an improved work-life balance helps to modernise traditional work environments.  A point made by John Trougakos: Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour and HR Management, University of Toronto acknowledges this idea by explaining that employees can build resilience through workplace empowerment and by allowing “more autonomy in determining their working arrangements.”

The rise of virtual events

The final predicted change that we want to look at is that virtual events will continue, and although we can expect a return of in person events, they will need to deliver an outstanding experience to outweigh the convenience that we have grown so used to. This article from CMO Australia talks to communications service provider Redback Connect CEO and Founder, Jeff Downs who believes that we can achieve most of the things that used to be done face-to-face with virtual events “at greater convenience and a fraction of the cost”.

Businesses learned quickly last year as the rise of digitisation, workforce flexibility and the convenience of online events was recognised at a whole new level. Now a quarter of the way into 2021, we can appreciate how these changes have positively impacted both businesses and employees as we continue to evolve and adapt for the better.

If your business is yet to set up an online presence, remember you can discuss your options with an .au registrar today.