07 October 2019

Today’s blog post discusses ‘Affiliate Marketing’ and how it can be used to strengthen your .au web presence.

What is affiliate marketing?

As defined by ecommerce solutions provider, bigcommerce.com.au affiliate marketing is ‘the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products.’ 

Affiliate marketing can be done through banners containing links leading from one website or online platform, ideally within a specific niche, to another website. For each sale that is made as the result of clicking the link, the party that sent the lead will earn a commission.

Digital marketing expert Neil Patel identifies 3 groups involved in an affiliate marketing cycle:

The merchant
The merchant (seller) has a product or service that they are actively selling. In this example, let’s say the product is women’s shoes. You would like to see a boost in sales on your website, jennyshoes.com.au so you are looking into your marketing options.

The affiliate
This is where the product or service will be advertised to a targeted market on another online platform. For example, a company who sells women’s clothes (but not shoes) wants to advertise your website to make their website the perfect place to buy an entire outfit! The affiliate benefits as well because if they are successful in generating referrals to your website, they will earn a commission for sales made on your site too!

The customer
The customer (or the buyer) may be surprised and delighted to find everything they need in one place. This affiliate marketing has made their shopping experience seamless, so they are very happy. 

How do I get started?

There are so many useful resources available, including this great advice from the team at bigcommerce.com.au to get you started. Or, if you already know what you’re doing and want to jump right in, .au registrar Crazy Domains offer an affiliate program, where you can advertise their services on your website or online platform.

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