18 May 2020
The DDNS team giving thumbs up and smiling for the camera

In today’s blog post we speak with Rod Keys, Managing Director of .au domain name registrar, Discount Domain Name Services (DDNS). Rod provides insight into DDNS’s services, shares his advice on data security strategies while working from home and explains the benefits for Australian businesses in choosing a local registrar to support their .au online presence.

Can you tell us about the origins of DDNS and the company’s experience in domain name management, cybersecurity and website building and storage?

Rod: Thanks for the question, DDNS commenced operation as an ISP providing dial up services. The company refocused our services toward domain names and hosting back in 1999, so we have now been supporting the Australian business community for over 21 years. We provide a full suite of services including email hosting, domain name management, DIY website builders and all our services are audited to ISO 27001 data security standards.

What sets DDNS apart?

Rod: We set ourselves apart with three important key attributes:

#1 A family owned and operated Australian business based in Melbourne Australia. We are also regarded as the most experienced support personnel in the Australian domain name industry.

#2 We have developed a highly sophisticated server network located in Melbourne Australia, with points of presence in both Sydney and San Francisco.

#3 With our ongoing relationships with Australian government departments, we are required to operate at a high level of data security. As mentioned earlier, we are audited to ISO 27001, which is the data security standard across the world and is externally audited by SAI global.

On your point of data security – As cybercriminals become cleverer at executing scams, online security is increasingly important in protecting both business and personal data. Being an expert in the area, what is your main piece of advice in responding to these threats?

Rod: Good question, we would strongly suggest every business to get in contact with an IT security consultant or systems administrator. The consultant/administrator can audit their existing businesses systems (with particular focus on security holes) and can also advise staff what they should be on the lookout for when it comes to scams and phishing attacks. With our high level of security awareness and training, this approach forms part of our daily behaviour.

With predictions that COVID-19 will change the future of workforce flexibility, what are some measures that businesses can implement to ensure company data remains secure while employees work from home?

Rod: The best way forward would be to implement a remote security strategy, which employs a remote computer lock down strategy. Always get qualified and experienced advice and make sure you have a demonstrated checklist.

And lastly, how would you suggest Australian businesses start their .au domain name journey?

Rod: We would always suggest hunting out a local registrar support team who can help you through the pitfalls in running an online business. This will end up saving you money based on the mistakes you won’t make.

Thanks very much for your time Rod and for leaving us with this clear, actionable advice.

Rod: Not a problem, thanks for the chat.

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