16 December 2019

Today we look at the most viewed blog posts of 2019, as Afilias Australia moved into our second year as registry provider for .au. We can learn a lot from the posts that made it to the top, and use this knowledge to ensure future content is engaging and relevant to the Australian internet community.

What does it mean when a website ends in “asn.au”? 

This was the most viewed post of the year, which took me by surprise as I wrote this very early on. However, stepping back to consider that domain name extensions are an important part of business and using a relevant extension is a great way to ensure you stand out, I can see why this one made it to the top. (Note: asn.au addresses are reserved for non-commercial associations)

Direct registration is coming to .au 

Another exciting, highly viewed post was in June when we announced that direct, second level registration is coming to .au. This post aimed to ensure that the Australian internet community understands what is meant by the term “direct registration” (i.e. example.au registrations will be allowed in addition to the current example.com.au and other third level names), the benefits of introducing .au, and what joining many other countries in offering second level registration will mean for Australia.

How to change the registrant of your .au domain name

This post provides an informative ‘how to’ guide on changing the registrant of your .au domain name for people who may have sold their business (or domain name) or want someone else to have administrative control. We take a behind the scenes look from the different perspectives of the key stakeholders involved; the Registry, the Registrar and the Registrant.

Supporting Women in Technology at Afilias AU

Written from the perspective of a woman in tech (yours truly), this post discusses International Women's Day 2019, the Women In Technology movement, and how Afilias Australia works to support it. My interest piqued when writing this post, so I went along to the 2019 Girls in Tech Catalyst conference in Melbourne, where I was inspired by the incredible lineup of presenters (it was hard not to be) and put together an event recap blog post.

DNS Hijacking and How To Protect Yourself

There is no denying it; “DNS Hijacking” sounds like a scary concept - I would want to find out more on how to stay safe too! This blog post looks at what is meant by the term, the threat of this particular campaign (IP address manipulation), and the actions required to protect yourself and your organisation. 

The year that was

Wrapping up blog posts for the year is a reminder of the huge year 2019 was for the .au namespace. A definite highlight of my job is putting these posts together, and this is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the year that was. 

We hope the Afilias Australia Newsroom has been a reliable source of information for your domain name and/or technology-related questions, and in providing the latest news regarding the .au namespace.

Best wishes to all our readers for a wonderful lead up to the new year. See you in 2020!

If you have any questions or ideas for future blog posts, remember you can email us at blog@afilias.com.au