05 November 2019

In today’s blog post we speak with Kimberley Fernandez, founder of soulremedy.com.au, a holistic, self-healing training and services provider based in Melbourne. Kimberley gives us some background to her business and we discuss her reasons behind choosing a .au domain name.

Kimberley began her business venture when she realised that there was an apparent need for wellness services such as yoga, reiki and holistic intuitive counselling. This heightened demand led to the birth of Soul Remedy, which was founded in September 2017.

“I believe there needs to be more spaces that enable people to approach their well-being and their life in a natural and empowered way.”

Kimberley explains that the best way to get her brand established was with an online presence, noting that her website is a crucial component to her business, both in generating revenue and in building her brand. Kimberley registered her domain name with Netregistry and hasn’t looked back since.

“I think a domain name that makes sense and makes it easy for your client/customer to find you is absolutely essential. We live in an online world, so people will be constantly looking for your website to understand the service or product you are offering. Your website is often the first point of contact, and enables the customer to find you and get to know you.”

We couldn’t agree more on this!

Making a clear footprint in the beauty and wellness industry, Kimberley was recently invited to present at a mindfulness event held by Skin Health Emporium. She admits that it was her online presence that led to her being invited to speak at events like this, which is a testament to the importance of having a web presence for any emerging business.

Kimberley built her business on a .au domain name because she wanted a clear association to her Australian brand, and many other AU businesses, including gamedaymouthguards.com.au and suboproducts.com.au have done the same. 

We would like to thank Kimberley for sharing her holistic approach to business and life and we hope that her words are an inspiration to others planning on starting out their own small business venture.

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