01 April 2019

Today’s blog post looks at how the Afilias global team is working to encourage a culture of DevOps and how this concept is working to support the .au namespace.

What is DevOps?

To start by offering an outside perspective, The Agile Admin are a team of experienced web system administrators and developers who define DevOps as ‘the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through to the development process to production support.’

Now let’s relate the concept to a well-known example, Uber.

DevOps Zone discusses the integration of DevOps to disruptive organisations like Uber and how they are using software innovation to transform the way people travel. ‘Since its inception, Uber has embraced technology. It has openly used continuous delivery and DevOps methods to deliver this critical software platform.’

Way to go Uber!

At Afilias, we recognise that encouraging a DevOps culture on a global scale helps to bridge the gap between two teams who are ultimately working together to achieve the same goal - to power successful domains and deliver an exceptional standard of registry performance.

In the tech industry, development teams focus on ways to find innovation that may inadvertently cause disruptions to day to day operations, which is where DevOps comes in to play. It is common for operations teams to avoid such disruptions in order to keep things moving - so integrating the two offers a way forward.

An industry view on DevOps

The 2018 State of DevOps Report looks at how DevOps practices have been developed and implemented at organisations all around the world over the past year.

Key findings of the report include the acknowledgment that cross-team sharing leads to a successful DevOps culture and the understanding that while many paths lead to success, more lead to failure, but the most important thing is that this is learned from.

By implementing a DevOps culture at Afilias on a global scale, all teams are encouraged to work proactively. The characteristics of cross-team sharing and experiencing failure through trial and error are strongly supported by Afilias AU. Mandeep Kaur, System Administrator in the Melbourne office explains how a broader understanding of DevOps improves the overall flow of work.

“The concept of DevOps is to work in a collaborative environment that brings transparency, flexibility and hence productivity throughout the lifecycle of the software/application delivery process.”

By introducing a culture of DevOps, the Afilias global team encourages Afilias AU to understand how the benefits of frequent collaboration and continual experimentation contribute to greater success. It is a culture that not only supports local teams but influences everyone who is part of a wider network, including .au.

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