27 August 2019

Today’s blog post focuses on expired domain names. We discuss how to prevent your .au domain name from expiring and what you can do to get it back if it does.

Preventing your domain name licence from expiring

The easiest way to prevent your domain name licence from expiring is to make sure the email address associated with your domain name remains current. Staying on top of your emails will also ensure you are kept aware of any important changes associated with your domain name.

The following automated options are available through .au registrars:
    - The ability to select the length of your licence period upon registration (this can be from 1-5 years) 
    - The option to set up auto-renewal
    - Renewal notices to keep you informed of upcoming expiration dates.

If it does expire, can I get it back?

Let’s say you purchased a domain name licence for your aromatic candle business with a 1 year registration (licence) period. Things are going well and orders have increased dramatically so you are flat off your feet. Close to one year later, you get a renewal notice from your .au registrar, explaining that your domain name is up for renewal and you can renew it within a 90 day period. But you are so busy, you forget and your domain name expires.

Lucky for you, there are 30 days to get your domain name back. During this time, your domain name is in Expired Hold status. If you do not renew it within this time, your expired domain name will become available on the domain drop list, which is available to the general public. You can try to get your domain name by registering it again after it has dropped, or by utilising the professional services of a drop catcher

Domain names are valuable business assets that require your full attention. The objectives of the .au namespace are to promote fair trading and competition, but it is up to you to hold on to your domain name licence for as long as you need it. If you keep your registrant information up to date, you can be assured that your registrar will keep you informed of any changes associated with your .au domain name. 

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