16 September 2019

Today’s blog post focuses on NetThing, a leading community movement shaping Australian internet governance, and the annual NetThing forum to be held later this year. We discuss NeThing’s core organisational purpose, provide an overview of the upcoming event and highlight Afilias Australia’s involvement.

What is NetThing?

As explained on their website, NetThing ‘is the renewal of an annual forum to strengthen Australia’s Internet governance community, and consists of robust Australia-based Internet policy exploration and discussion.’ 

Andrew Maurer, Vice Chair of NetThing, paints a picture of what the organising committee are striving to achieve with the below statement:

“We're looking to improve communication and broaden participation in Australia's internet community. NetThing 2019 is a modest first step. We've organised a day to talk about internet policy, security, technology and about building ways of discussing the internet that's collaborative, inclusive and open to all. We're going to be exploring the future of the internet and the future of Australia.”

NetThing 2019

On 28th October 2019, NetThing will hold their annual forum in Sydney, which draws in on key issues surrounding internet policy and governance including:

Building a diverse and inclusive internet governance community within Australia.

Exploring national and international internet governance policy issues.

Sharing technical expertise and policy understanding in a way that people with less technical experience understand and relate to.

Acting as an apolitical and non-partisan forum advocating the benefits of the internet and related services and technologies.

The NetThing forum provides an opportunity for industry professionals to consider these challenges through a full day of multi-stakeholder engagement and collaboration.

NetThing and .au

Through their work in engaging industry professionals, NetThing are working towards a goal of developing a sustainable platform for the Australian internet. Afilias Australia is proud to be involved as a sponsor for this event and in contributing to key decisions surrounding Australia’s internet governance model.

If you are interested in attending NetThing 2019 in Sydney on 28 October 2019, you can find out more or register your attendance here. Registration is free of charge and anyone who is interested is encouraged to attend.

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