04 June 2019

Today’s blog post explains how to transfer your .au domain name from one registrar to another and addresses the different perspectives of the key stakeholders involved: The registrant; the registrar; and the registry.

The Registrant

There are a number of reasons someone may wish to transfer their domain name. Let’s say you have registered a domain name for your small business - bonsaicactus.com.au and for whatever reason (price, support etc), you want to transfer your domain name from one registrar to another.
First, you will need to access your domain’s Auth code  (also referred to as an EPP code) through your current registrar or by using the .au Password Recovery Tool. If using the Password Recovery Tool, enter your details and click ‘Recover’ so that the Auth code is sent to the email address associated with your domain name.

Image: .au Password Recovery Tool


The Registrar

Many .au registrars provide a domain name transfer tool on their website, so you may be able to transfer the domain yourself. If you are not sure what to do you can ask the registrar support team to help you out. The Auth Code you received in the previous step will be confirmed by your new registrar and a verification process will follow. An email confirmation will be sent to the email address associated with the domain name, which provides the option for the recipient (you) to confirm the transfer.

Once confirmed, the domain name will be transferred to the new registrar, and this will be reflected in the Afilias AU registry database.

The Registry

Afilias AU will receive a transfer command with the Auth Code from the new registrar for bonsaicactus.com.au and confirm that the records match. The transfer will then be enabled and the process will take 48 hours to process.

Afilias AU wants to ensure all domain names are met with advanced levels of security and stability so it is important that we provide a reliable system to support this. To ensure these standards are met, we undergo regular internal upgrades and our Tech Support team work to ensure the best possible service is being provided for the .au namespace.

If you have some feedback, a question or idea for a future blog post, remember you can reach us at blog@afilias.com.au 

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