15 May 2019

The Afilias AU team provides a registry service to support the retailers of all .au domain names. Here in Melbourne, we have staff in management, security, compliance, marketing, system administration and tech support. In today’s blog post, we explain the crucial role the Tech Support team plays in delivering the best outcomes for our customers.

As the registry provider for all .au domain names, Afilias services many registrars of all sizes (including GoDaddy AU, Instra, Rebel, DDNS and VentraIP). Our support team works with these domain professionals every day to ensure the .au namespace is providing the best possible service.

Supporting .au

Afilias AU provides 24/7 Tech Support to our customers, including .au registrars that are located overseas.

Today I spoke with Technical Support Analyst, Edword Sen, an experienced technologist who has been working at Afilias AU since July 2018. When asked to describe the team dynamic, Ed responded enthusiastically.

“There are a lot of interesting people who work for Afilias and it’s great to collaborate and bounce ideas off each other. The most important part of the job is being able to communicate effectively and respond to situations immediately to prevent any issues. Fortunately, our ongoing training keeps us well prepared, so we are ready to immediately address any questions or issues that do arise”.

General support matters include domain name renewals, account queries and password recovery issues. Other matters include requests for reports or questions about policy, which involves both us and auDA. As the administrator and self-regulatory policy body for the .au ccTLD, and as stated on their website, auDA is ‘responsible for the development, review and reinforcement of policies dealing with registration of .au domain names…’.

Maintaining a high standard of service

In the end, Afilias AU’s role is to ensure a secure and reliable registry service, and the Tech Support team work hard to provide assistance to our customers whenever they need it. Our team also helps registrars understand and adhere to the policies approved by auDA, and through regular meetings, we are able to keep registrars informed so that the .au namespace operates smoothly and securely.

If you have some feedback or a question, remember you can reach us at blog@afilias.com.au

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