29 January 2019

 The first set of scheduled enhancements to the .au registry services for 2019 is now complete.

This phase addressed internal upgrades to the registry, specifically in regards to security, software patching and support.

With over 3 million domains under our belt, it is vital for these upgrades to occur. By publishing these details on our blog, we are ensuring transparency for registrars, registrants and the rest of the general public.

Below, we go into a bit more detail:


Afilias and auDA work together to manage and maintain a secure .au domain space, with auDA being the self regulatory body and Afilias supporting the technology for the .au registry component. Attacks including scams, phishing and malware attempts are increasing in frequency and severity and in order to provide a secure domain space, we need to ensure that the systems that support it remain secure and properly maintained.

Software patching

This upgrade relates specifically to programming code libraries and languages. Software patching facilitates the need to regularly ‘patch’ applications to mitigate any software exploits and/or bugs. As explained by StaySmartOnline, it is important for all businesses to keep their software up to date so that applications and hosting devices remain reliable and secure.


The front of line support team at Afilias work hard to ensure that any issues that arise are resolved as soon as possible. Enhanced tooling for front line troubleshooting will ultimately result in a faster turnaround time for technical enquiries and greater customer satisfaction with the level of service provided.

With phase 1 complete, stay tuned for more upgrade notices from us throughout the year, as we continue to improve services for our registrars and the Australian community.

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