12 August 2019

Today’s blog post looks at why you should set up professional email hosting for your .au business.

What is email hosting?

As described by .au registrar VentraIP, email hosting ‘allows you to create a mailbox that is linked to your unique domain name’.

Let’s say you have your own business, ‘Melbourne Flowers’ and have set up a domain name for your website - melbflowers.com.au. You don’t have professional email hosting and your weekly newsletters are sent from a generic @gmail or @hotmail domain. 

Why should I set up email hosting for my domain?

As explained by online financial and marketing solutions provider systemise.com.au, the issue with using a generic email domain is when your customers receive an email newsletter promoting your latest flower delivery, they may not trust it or recognise that it is from you. 

To avoid having an email address that looks spammy or malicious, it is a good idea to set up professional email hosting for your registered domain name (eg info@melbflowers.com.au) through your .au registrar. Some registrars also resell products from larger email providers such as Office 365 and G Suite.

Crazy Domains outline another advantage of email hosting being that once set up, your inbox will be protected by spam and virus filtering, providing an additional safeguard against harmful content

How do I set up email hosting?

The option to set up professional email hosting can usually be found under a ‘Services’ or ‘Email Hosting’ tab in your registrar customer portal. Here, you will be able to choose a storage size for your mailbox (eg 5G, 10G or 30G), confirm payment details and enter the email address you want to register (eg info@melbflowers.com.au). Once you have done this, and provided all the necessary information, your email host will be set up and ready to go! 

Setting up professional email hosting for your business is a great way to promote your brand as trusted and secure and protect your business against outside threats. If you want to find out more on setting up email hosting for your domain name, contact your .au registrar today.

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