29 June 2020
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Today’s blog post focuses on ensuring your .au domain name is compliant with the domain name policies at .au Domain Administration (auDA). We hear from Steph Viljoen, Compliance and Analytics Manager at auDA, who shares her advice on best practices for .au registrants in ensuring that these standards are met. 

#1 Keep your contact information current

“It doesn’t take long to look up your domain name WHOIS record to make sure your details are correct. We hear a lot from people saying that they didn’t receive notification of their upcoming renewal, which is most often due to them not having their current email address listed as the registrant contact. To keep your details up to date, you can contact your .au registrar who will be more than happy to help.”

#2 Ensure your business details reflect those listed for your .au domain name

“If you have an ABN or ACN linked to your (com.au or net.au) domain name, you need to check that the details are current at least on a yearly basis. If you are contacted by your registrar informing you that these details are out of date, you will have 14 days to act on this, as per auDA policy.”

#3 Make sure your EPP code is kept private

“When building a website and choosing a web host, there is no need to provide an external company with your EPP code (also referred to as your “auth code”). This code is used to verify your domain name in cases including registrant and registrar transfers, so for security purposes, should be kept to yourself.”

If you stay on top of these best practices, you will help ensure that your .au domain name will remain compliant, but remember your .au registrar and the team at auDA are there to help if you get stuck.

“We are here to help with all of your .au domain name queries because, through increased engagement with the general Australian public, we are able to understand the real issues at hand and can continue to be transparent and empathetic in our communication.”

Thanks for the advice Steph! 

We hope that this post has inspired you to get in touch with auDA on 1300 732 929 if you have any questions at all.

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