15 April 2020

Today’s blog post focuses on establishing a stronger relationship with your customers. We focus on 3 key ideas, including keeping customers informed, building brand authority with a website and demonstrating the ability to adapt.

Keep customers informed

Firstly, it is important to communicate with customers to keep them informed of changes to your business. Luckily, there are is a huge range of digital communication channels available to us as marketers, including:

To show customers that you are listening, it is important for your overall communication strategy to include market research. An example of this may be to regularly survey your customers to get their feedback on your product/service and ideas on how to improve. For more ideas check out SurveyMonkey’s ultimate guide to market research.

Build brand authority with a website

The team at .au registrar GoDaddy explain in this article on brand health that your website is the first place people will look for changes to your business. They suggest using a display banner or creating a separate page for COVID-19 related announcements.

Use your website to establish brand authority for new and existing customers rather than showcasing your business only on social media. While social media can work in promoting your brand, a website provides a reliable piece of online ‘real estate’ and is an indication that you are a “serious” business and not just somebody’s hobby. 

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The below posts provide more information on choosing a domain name and a registrar for your .au business:

3 tips for choosing a .au domain name and;
Simple steps to choosing the right registrar for your Australian business.

The ability to adapt

This article from Search Engine Journal explains how the approach you take during COVID-19 has the power to influence the relationship between your brand and your customers. They suggest continuing to market your brand in a considered and appropriate manner, while working on a strategy to implement when business resumes as normal.

The way your business responds to changing situations is something that your customers will notice. By keeping them informed, building online brand authority and demonstrating the ability to adapt, you will be providing support when it is needed most, and establishing a stronger relationship with both new and existing customers.

To access the latest information on Coronavirus and support for businesses, visit business.gov.au.

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