19 October 2020

In today’s blog post we chat to Robert Winkelmann, Chief Marketing Officer at .au registrar and online solutions provider, Crazy Domains. We discuss the team’s focus on customer experience, trends he has noticed as more small businesses take the steps to get online and find out what is in store for the team at their upcoming small-business and digital marketing focused event, OnlineFest 2020.

When was Crazy Domains founded in Australia and what were the main reasons surrounding its establishment?

Robert: Crazy Domains was founded to enable and empower Australian businesses on their digital journey through providing affordable and powerful solutions tailored to the small business owner. We take the complexity out of technology. Our products can be used by anyone without knowing how to code or having extensive experience with technology. For small businesses this means that they can enter the digital space without huge investments or having to hire technology professionals for their teams.

What is Crazy Domains’ key point of difference?

Robert: Our focus on customer experience and providing “Best-in-World” service are the key anchor points of our business. We strongly believe in a relentless focus on our customers’ needs and their experience when engaging with our products and teams.

This translates into easy-to-use, yet powerful products and an always-on, award-winning customer support service.

What are some common trends you have noticed for online businesses in 2020?

Robert: Across Australia businesses feel the need to be online more than ever. We have experienced a surge in .au domain registrations and experience that our customers focus not just on being online but really strive to improve their online presence to deliver significant results for their business.

Congratulations on your new campaign “Embrace Crazy”, encouraging entrepreneurs and small business owners to get online with a .au domain name. What can you tell us about the inspirations of this project?

Robert: The “Embrace Crazy” campaign is focused on encouraging young business owners and those who are still thinking about bringing that “crazy” idea to life. Now more than ever it is the time to get your idea online. And it’s never been easier. Through our campaign we use humour and three characters with unique business ideas to showcase a selection of our products and services that are tailored to empower young businesses to get online without big budgets and teams.

We see that you have an upcoming online event at the end of October, which you have fittingly called “OnlineFest”. What do you hope OnlineFest achieves and who would you like to see at this event?

Robert: OnlineFest 2020 is our first-ever 2-day interactive learning festival focused on digital marketing and business insights for entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups.

We've got a fantastic speaker lineup and a programme that's filled with actionable insights to help attendees build their brand and business online. Especially with the current pandemic, we want to equip people with resources and tools that can help them find new opportunities to reach customers.

It's definitely not to be missed - register here! 

Sounds like an amazing event! And lastly, what is your key advice to new businesses when it comes to navigating the online world?

Robert: I have 3 pieces of advice:

  1. Online channels are absolutely essential to any business. If you are not online, you are invisible.
  2. We encourage any business owner to establish and grow their online presence from day one.
  3. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, get online today!

Excellent tips Robert. Thanks so much for this valuable advice, we are looking forward to experiencing first hand what OnlineFest 2020 is all about!

Robert: Thanks for your time. 

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