04 February 2019

With so many domain name extension options available in .au, it is important to understand the differences.

Take .asn.au for example. The “asn” is short for “association.”

.au Domain Administration (auDA) is the administrator of, and the Australian self-regulatory body for the .au domain space, and sets the rules for each of the various parts of .au (e.g. com.au, etc).  

auDA explains on their website that .asn.au is a 2LD (second level domain) used for non-commercial organisations. They provide the eligibility criteria, including that registrants must be an association or political party, a trade union, a sporting club or special interest club, a charity or other type of not-for-profit organisation.

A .asn.au domain name extension is a distinguishing factor for a non-commercial association’s web presence.

As explained in this blog post, .asn and .org are quite similar in their use and purpose. However, self-identified associations, such as Dieticians Association of Australia are more likely to use a .asn.au extension.

Let’s say you want to register a .asn.au domain name for your newly established association, The CBD Wildlife Protection Association.

First, you would search the availability of your domain name in the asn.au extension. Let’s say you decide to go with cbdwildlife.asn.au. Good news - it’s available!

The next step would be to choose a registrar that offers the asn.au extension and suits your needs.

Once you have gone through the registration process, and met all necessary eligibility requirements, your .asn.au name will be ready to set up. You can register your website and email address and you’ll be good to go!

For more information on choosing a .au domain name click here.

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