06 January 2020
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Welcome to 2020!

For our first blog post of the year, we want to make sure readers are familiar with five key ideas that we have explored in previous blog posts, and that we expect to see again this year. Think of this as a preview of what’s coming, aligned with topics covered over the past year or two:

Internet governance 

Internet governance is crucial to delivering a secure, inclusive internet to the Australian community. Forums such as NetThing present an opportunity for industry professionals and users to collaborate and discuss issues surrounding policy development, data privacy, censorship and security. After sponsoring and attending the reinvigorated NetThing forum in 2019, we are looking forward to being involved again in 2020.

Direct registration 

After extensive consultation in 2019, we are excited that a launch date for direct registration is likely to be announced soon. Once launched, direct registration will become available to the general Australian public and .au domain names will be able to be registered at the second level, immediately before the Top Level Domain (example.au). Stay tuned for more on this!

Cyber security

A term that (unfortunately) captures so much of what we talk about is cyber security. As explained by Stay Smart Online Australia, cyber security refers to measures that people should follow while online in order to prevent an attack or a loss. Whether it’s phishing, social engineering, DDoS or another type of attack, these are acts intended to cause harm to your online systems, and it is important to understand what needs to be done to protect yourself and your organisation. 


WHOIS is the current protocol in .au for looking up domain name holders and provides a service to foster transparency. A revised, alternative protocol, “RDAP” (Registration Data Access Protocol) has been introduced for use across other TLDs (Top Level Domains) and .au Domain Administration is monitoring its adoption before it is introduced in .au. 

Women in Technology

Lastly, is the rise (and presence) of Women In Technology (WIT). In 2019 we focused on the significance of International Women’s Day and events such as the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference to bring WIT to the surface, and recognise the role of women as leaders in the workforce. We look forward to continuing to explore this topic in 2020.

While this preview doesn’t include every aspect of content that we will be blogging about in 2020, it does provide a snapshot of some of the anticipated areas of focus for the year ahead to give you an idea of what’s coming, and an opportunity to provide feedback.

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