12 October 2020
Two women sitting at a desk looking at laptop screen

Today’s blog post focuses on 3 easy ways to promote your .au website including by publishing regular content, using social media as an advertising platform and by communicating frequently to your customer database.

#1 Publish regular content

Publishing regular content is critical in generating traffic to your website, and as this article from digital marketing expert Neil Patel explains, the frequency in which you post can be determined a number of ways, including by:

  • Identifying your content marketing goals (what are you hoping to achieve?)
  • Soliciting audience demand (what type of content do your customers want to see and how often?)
  • Tracking your traffic channels (which avenues are your visitors using to access your content?)

Content gives people something to talk about and consider, and is a way to share your story with customers, ultimately strengthening your relationship and making your brand more relatable. An example of a site that shares regular digital and technology focused content is itnews.com.au, who typically share at least 3 newsworthy articles per day. 

#2 Use social media as an advertising platform

As .au registrar GoDaddy suggests, it is a good idea to include a link to your website in your social media bio so that your customers know where to find you, and where they can access more information about your brand. 

Most often, your website will be your main content source which means you are likely to have a plethora of useful information available on various pages. You can direct your users to this information using different calls to action in your social media advertising. Australian real estate platform realestate.com.au does just this, promoting their website on Facebook in their About section, with links to various articles posted throughout the day.

#3 Communicate to your customers to attract website visitors

Marketing leaders at Hubspot explain that email marketing is a great tool to set up a system of frequent communication with your customer database and drive traffic to your website. Perhaps you decide to segment your list depending on which stage of the customer lifecycle they are at or based on their age or interests. One site that does this well is Australian pet supply store, petbarn.com.au, who send frequent communications to their members with tailored offers and discounts.

Whatever you decide is the prompt for customers to hear from you, email marketing is a cost effective way to reach out to your customers at a time when they may be most interested in your message.

It may seem obvious, but your brand needs to be visible to deliver results, and as a business owner, you are responsible for making this happen. Whether you are just starting out on your .au website journey or have been online for a while now, these 3 easy tips are crucial in promoting your website to your customers, and we recommend implementing them right away.

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